A new era in Regenerative Medicine: accelerating research from bench to bedside

Tuesday, April 24th 2018


17:00 – 21:00 (GMT)

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Stem Cell Therapies, CAR-T, Cell and Gene Therapies, are the cutting-edge technologies of translational medicine in the 21st century. They are revolutionising our approach to the treatment of genetic diseases and cancers in the clinic and are enabling scientists and physicians to deliver the promise of ‘A New Era of Regenerative Medicine’.
You are formally invited to join our growing network of scientists and thinkers at the next great event defining the New Era in Regenerative Medicine, proudly organized by Innovation Forum.
The introductory keynote speaker will be Prof. Mark Lowdell, followed by a panel consisting of Dr. Simon Waddington, Prof. Paolo de Coppi, Dr. Davide Danovi and CEO Ann Kramer, of The Electrospinning Company.
Topics of Discussion
The evening's discussions will cover areas such as:
  • The current landscape of regenerative medicine in the UK and future projections
  • Recent innovations in cell and gene therapies, current work by the speakers
  • The major breakthroughs that are already having a significant impact in the clinic
  • The process of research and development through to commercialisation of therapies
  • The challenges and clinical trials encountered in translating cell and gene therapies to the clinic
The final talk will be from Encelo Laboratories, an early-stage startup, speaking about their technology for easily acquiring primary stem-like cells for drug discovery.
The evening will conclude with a networking session and a company showcase until 9 pm.
Why attend?
  • Listen to and participate in, expert discussion on the emerging therapies from the field of regenerative medicine
  • Learn more about the impact this revolutionary area of biotechnology is having in the clinic
  • Broaden your entrepreneurial ambitions by gaining excellent networking opportunities and learning about the startup journey in regenerative medicine
  • Gain expert insight into the future trends of regenerative medicine from some of the most promising companies emerging in regenerative medicine
Who should attend?
  • students: listen to amazing entrepreneurial adventures and soak in the enthusiasm that drives successful entrepreneurs, compare different personalities and skills and choose your favorite future path
  • academics: get updates on the most recent achievements and prospective efforts of cutting-edge companies, meet people with the same interests and find potential collaborators
  • start-ups: stimulate and bring your thoughts to the next level in a fertile environment, join a fast growing reference platform for young researchers/entrepreneurs now and earn a vantage position compared to late-comers, let your logo go around for prospective applicants and potential collaborators to see, let them know who you are and what you do
  • companies: explore the upcoming youth and innovative drives, be aware of future potentials and threats, , introduce yourself directly as a candidate company for future applications and improve the quality of prospective employees
Are you passionate about the cutting edge of biotechnology and the revolutionary approaches which regenerative medicine is providing in the clinic? Then this event is for you!


Professor Mark Lowdell is the Professor of Cell & Tissue Therapy at University College London and an expert in Translational Cellular Immunotherapy and Regenerative Medicine.

He is also the Director of the Centre of Cell & Tissue Therapy and Biobanking / Honorary Consultant Immunologist at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

He holds over 20 years of experience in cancer immunotherapy, particularly in the innate immune response of natural killer cells as natural anti-cancer immunotherapy agents.

Mark Lowdell established the first UK academic GMP facility which now specialises in commercialising somatic cell medicines, gene therapy and tissue engineering products. He has a clinical trial expertise and successfully acquired >£12m funding to launch a stem cell-derived trachea and larynx UK clinical trial.

Doctor Simon Waddington is an Acting Director of the Institute for Women’s Health and a Reader in Gene Transfer Technology at University College London.

He is a lead group investigator in preclinical models for gene and stem cell transfer, particularly in perinatal gene delivery for the early onset of debilitating diseases such as; neurodegenerative diseases, inherited epilepsy and metabolic diseases.

Through a collaborative alliance, he filed two patents for a gene transfer technique with application in non-invasive quantitation of signalling systems derived from diseased organs and tumours.

Doctor Davide Danovi is a Director of the Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Initiative and Cell Phenotyping Programme at King’s College London.

He is a pioneer in the development of screening methods to isolate compounds which become active upon interaction with human neural stem cells. He also holds years of experience in the biotech sector where he acted as a principal scientist investigator and using innovative stem cell technology for the isolation of drugs with regenerative potential.

Ann Kramer is the CEO of The Electrospinning Company Ltd. at the University of Cambridge. A company which provides support for translating innovations into the clinic, including, design, development, regulatory and manufacturing support.

Ann holds expertise acros the business industry including research, sales, business development and M&A. Her managerial experience includes overlooking the development of genetically modified foods in fresh produce crops as well as the Head of Business development for Oxitec Ltd., COO of Immunocore Ltd. and CEO of Biosyntha Ltd.

Professor Paolo De Coppi is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Reader and Head of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at the UCL Institute of Child Health in London.

His main research interests are stem cell-based and tissue engineering for the treatment of congenital malformations. He pioneered the use of amniotic fluid stem cells for therapeutic applications and later patented the discovery which opened novel approaches to correct for congenital malfunctions. He is also known for the successful transplantation of a tissue-engineered trachea in a child back in 2010. Paolo De Coppi is now developing new techniques for stem cell isolation, expansion and differentiation for use at the clinical level.

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