She Started It: Top Tips for Women in STEM

Vicky Butt Written by Vicky Butt
Published on 19 May 2017
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On 11th May, Innovation Forum partnered with Johnson & Johnson Innovation and One HealthTech to host the screening of She Started It at the Institute of Child Health in London. She Started It is a documentary following five trailblazing young female founders and their journeys of entrepreneurship through the tech world. The film screening was preceded by networking and followed by a panel discussion with Jeanne Bolger, Vice President of Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation; Annette Clancy, Senior Advisor of Frazier Healthcare Partners; Iona Inglesby, Founder of Dot One; and Sinead McCluskey, Director of Commercial Innovation at PEI Surgical.


Both the film screening and the panel discussion were very well received by the attendees, many of whom were women from science and technology sectors in academia and industry. Many thought the panel discussion was particularly thought-provoking and welcomed the honest account of the obstacles and opportunities being a woman in STEM.

Panel [from left to right]: Jeanne Bolger, Annette Clancy, Iona Inglesby and Sinead McCluskey


The discussion came out with four top tips for women in STEM, who may be thinking of starting a company or going into the tech industry:

  1. Take the opportunity even though the future is uncertain. What’s the worst that could happen?
  2. Find a support network of women and find a mentor
  3. Go to networking events and learn to network
  4. Learn to think of the big picture and not just focus on completing small tasks


If you have missed this event, you can watch the screening in Oxford on 13th June, or in Cambridge on 15th June.


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